Fry's Electronics
(1 week, Solo Project)

For this project, I was asked to take an existing product that has already found market fit and find ways to improve it. Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have frequented Fry's stores many times; however, the one time I did make a purchase online, I remembered how challenging it was even for someone such as myself who frequently shops online.  For those who are not familiar with Fry's Electronics, Fry's as a business is very similar to Amazon in the sense that they sell more than just electronics. They are known as the ideal "no frills" store where hobbyists and enthusiasts can find discounts on electronics. Therefore, design is not Fry's Electronics's primary focus.


  • User interviews on current product
  • Change navigation format of site to increase user experience
  • Usability testing
  • Proposed next steps

I interviewed potential users on pain points when trying to shop on Fry’s website by assigning them the following task:

Discovered Pain Points

  • Drop down menu for "Cool Stuff We Sell" was confusing
  • Format for item description was difficult to read
  • Most users could not figure out that Performance Service Contract (PSC) was Fry's acronym for warranty

KPIs we wanted to measure (measured top 2 KPIs below):

  • Time of shopping experience from landing page until checkout
  • Likelihood of adding warranty
  • Cart abandonment rate
  • Annual/ monthly/ weekly sales

Then, I created a mockup with feature changes that addressed pain points and presented A/B User Testing findings to a simulated panel (CEO, CTO, VP of Marketing).

After implementing changes, the same users were able to complete the task given in 10-15% of the original time and were able to easily add a warranty since there was no discrepancy in terminology.

  • If I had more time and buy-in from the panel, I would measure cart abandonment rate after these changes have been made and also measure to see if there is a change in Fry's Electronics's annual, monthly, and weekly sales moving forward

To view the clickable prototype, please click on the button below at the bottom of the page.