500 Startups | Driven Labs
(1 Week, 2 PMs, 2 Client Partners)

Driven Labs | General Assembly | Partnership with 500 Startups

Collaborated with a 500 Startups pre-incubator company from New York City called Driven Labs, a SaaS platform for automotive repair management, to validate the assumption of whether or not there is demand for their product in San Francisco.

  • In New York, auto repair shops have very little capacity in terms of lot space for cars to wait in the queue for repairs and garage space capacity
  • In general, independently owned auto repair shops have not acclimated to using technology to manage their businesses
    • That is why our client partners looked to solve those pain points to assist auto repair shops in managing the flow of cars and the different complexities involved in that business
  • We interviewed target users on both sides of the spectrum: auto repair owners/managers and people looking to have auto repair work done on their cars
  • Originally, the client group thought scheduling would the greatest selling point for repair shop owners
    • Instead, the client group discovered that auto repair shop owners in San Francisco saw real-time updated prices from parts suppliers to be the most important
  • When surveying people who needed auto repair work done, we found that approximately 70% of the people surveyed were willing to drive an extra 30 minutes to a reputable repair shop with better reviews than the one closest to them
  • We concluded that the San Francisco market may be an outlier in terms of research
  • If the client group had more time and resources, we recommended doing user research in other cities and test validation on other core products as well as running an ad campaign on the landing page we developed (see below)