Dining Genie
(1 Week, Solo Project)

Do you ever have a difficult time deciding what to eat when you go out either by your yourself or with a group of friends? Dining Genie aims to solve that problem by narrowing down your dining choices down to one restaurant based on criteria such as dietary restrictions, type of cuisine, how much you want to spend, and Yelp! rating.


  • Customer Discovery
  • Lean Business Model Canvas
  • MVP

Customer Discovery

  • Originally, I thought the pain points of most users would be based on Yelp! ratings, dietary restrictions, and price sensitivity
  • After interviewing 6 different people, I discovered that each target user I interviewed prioritized and valued the filtering criteria in Dining Genie differently  
  • My original assumption is that every person I would interview would have the problem of not being able to decide on what to eat based on the criteria (dietary restrictions, cuisine type, how much they wanted to spend, and Yelp! rating)
    • What I realized after conducting my interviews is that when dining out in a group setting, 5 out of the 6 people I interviewed made dining decisions based on the decision of whomever had the most influence in making the decision while the rest of the group learned to compromise
      • For example, one of my interviewees (Shaun), said he lets the elders in the group decide since he himself is not picky as long as there is a consensus
      • Another interviewee (Michelle) mentioned that the last time she went out with friends, it took the group 2 hours to come to a decision on where to eat because one of her friends kept saying, "I don't like that place" for whatever reason
      • The one person who did not compromise decided for her group where to eat based on what she was craving at the moment
  • The main objective of the Dining Genie is to take in consideration all of the factors that would come into play in making a dining decision while also saving you time
  • When I told each interviewee my idea after the interview, all 6 out of 6 said that save them a lot of time and headache; therefore, validating the idea for Dining Genie in a 1-week iteration

Lean Business Model Canvas

  • From my user feedback, I developed a lean business canvas model
  • When presenting a new product to a company, either as a product manager or entrepreneur, the lean business model canvas allows those individuals who you need to get buy-in from to see and engage with all the different components that make up your product

Lean Business Canvas Model for Dining Genie

Lo-Fi Rapid Prototyping

  • These lo-fi mockups of the Dining Genie prototype were made in Balsamiq
  • After having a few people play around with it to see if the user flow and experience made sense, I developed hi-fi mockups
  • Please click the button below.

Lo-Fi mockups of Dining Genie made in Balsamiq

What's Next?

  • If I had more time, I would interview more target users to figure out what other pain points may be associated with dining out
  • In addition to that, I try to vet out a financial model in order to determine how many Dining Genie users I must have to be profitable