(2 weeks, 2 PMI students)

For this project, my partner and I were presented with the following prompt:

"Qualified job seekers and good fit employers are often frustrated with wasted time, cost, and inefficiencies in the typical job application process. Propose a better way to connect talent and employers."


  • Identify Target Market 
  • Fake Press Release
  • Clickable Prototype of MVP
  • Market Analysis
  • Lean Business Model Canvas

Identifying Target Market
When we first received this project prompt, we assumed that compensation would be most important followed by culture fit when deciding to work for a company. However, we found conflicting data from 3rd party sources (Jobvite) and from our survey that stated that the opposite was true. Jobvite's report states that the more you make, the more culture matters. Our survey reflected similar data as well where job seekers chose, in terms of rank of importance, culture fit to be the most important factor followed by compensation and benefits and perks when choosing a job.  

Using the information from our surveys and interviews, we created the following personas for our target users (job seekers and recruiters):

Fake Press Release
The following fake press release is a marketing tool we hope can be used to explain the unique value proposition. We wanted to create an app that was easy to understand. Because culture fit requires a "match" from both job seekers and recruiters, we decided to create an intuitive "Tinder meets Glassdoor" app.  There are 4 main features of Congruent (Vote, Salary, Interview, Photo).  All of these features lead to one other screen, but we wanted to focus mainly on the Vote feature for this MVP Prototype. 

Fake Press Release for Congruent

Hi-Fi Clickable Prototype
Please click on the button below to view the hi-fi prototype. 

Market Analysis
For our market analysis, we drew up a SWOT analysis to determine Congruent's current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Lean Business Model Canvas
After developing the MVP Prototype, using our data, we developed a lean business model canvas.  

What's Next For Congruent?
The information we acquire from the voting part of our app will be sold to companies who are looking to improve aspects of their company culture to lure quality talent. In the meantime, we will also be generating revenue from ads and implementing a premium subscription model.  The freemium model limits a user to 3 free searches for salary and interview information. We are aiming to grow our user base as a pre-revenue model that will eventually be acquired by either LinkedIn or Glassdoor.

If we had more time, we conduct usability testing to see how users interact with the MVP prototype and make changes accordingly from user feedback.